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Does A New Starter Leave Because They Don’t Feel Valued?

Research by the CIPD found that 1 in 5 people leave their job during their probationary period. Replacing what could have potentially been a great recruit comes at a cost, both financially and in precious time spent.

Do these organisations make the new starter feel valued or important? If not, is this why they leave?

A well designed and implemented program is an essential element of talent retention. New employee integration should be more than “here is your workspace, the coffee machine and the toilets.” It should be more than just a meeting with HR, a quick tour of the building and meeting the other employees (and never a hope of remembering everyone’s name!).

It is the whole ‘onboarding’ (sorry for the trendy name!) experience of hiring, welcoming, orienting and engaging a new recruit and assimilating them into the culture of the organisation that makes the new starter feel valued.  A well-designed process will start before ‘day one’ and enable the company to demonstrate value and provide value from the start. If suitable, a more informal ‘welcome letter’ before the first day and from the team wouldn’t go amiss!

At the very least line managers should follow an onboarding checklist and senior managers must show their face whether it be delivering a talk about the history or ethos of the business, or management joining a few orientation or training events. This time should also be used to clarify performance expectations. Oh yes, and don’t forget the legal aspects, such as taking into account the Equality Act 2010 and Part-time Workers Regulations 2000.

No matter how thorough the recruitment and onboarding process may be, there will unfortunately always be a proportion of new starters who do not meet performance requirements in a reasonable amount of time. Focusing on the positive induction of new employees and providing a regular review of performance as part of a probationary period will lead to quicker integration, more rapid delivery of required levels of performance, higher retention rates and the ability to reinforce organisational culture, values and expectations.

Coppice HR can produce a bespoke onboarding program for your new employee. Making a potentially great employee feel undervalued may be costly and time-wasting. Contact Paul at Coppice HR (paul@coppicehr.com) to discuss onboarding for your new employees. Ultimately, this will save you time and allow you to focus on your business.

Inspired by: Psychological Science – How Many Seconds To A First Impression

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