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How To Give Quality Feedback To Your Team

Employee feedback can be an extremely powerful tool, resulting in business success if given correctly. 

Don’t be blinded by the idea that your employees are top in their game and don’t need feedback. As a leader, you should be giving your employees meaningful feedback on a regular basis. Even the best in the industry should receive feedback. 

A lot of team leaders feel uncomfortable giving feedback, particularly if it involves a problem. Therefore, they shy away from giving any feedback which is just a recipe for business disaster. Great team leaders are able to control the situation providing appropriate feedback adopting a powerful and productive approach. 

It’s essential for appropriate tailored feedback to become part of your weekly or daily routine if you’re wanting to develop a successful team. 

How To Give Quality Feedback To Your Team

  • Get Prepared – Employees are likely to take your feedback to heart and therefore you should get prepared to communicate the feedback effectively. 
  • Take A Positive Approach – Even if the feedback you’re providing is negative, you should never approach a problem with negativity. 
  • Evaluate The Change – You should never give (negative) feedback to someone if you know they are unable to make positive changes. 
  • Be As Immediate As Possible – For the best outcome it’s important to give feedback in a timely manner to ensure all parties are clear on the situation. 
  • Have A Two-Way Conversation – Engage with your employee by giving feedback via a chat / discussion. This allows for questions to be asked. 
  • Don’t Get Personal – It’s not uncommon for work colleagues to be friends (or enemies), you should put any personal relationships or differences aside while giving feedback. 
  • Avoid Public Feedback – Giving feedback publicly only magnifies the situation. The correct way to give feedback is privately.
  • Be Clear With Your Feedback – Giving confusing feedback will not work as your employee will have no idea what they actually need to take from the conversation. 

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