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It is safe to say that 2020 has been a little challenging to say the least and we are only in mid-November!

Still, the recent updates on a vaccine give us all hope that we can return to some form of normal in 2021. The distribution of the vaccine may be a long time away, so how can we help our employees and therefore our businesses over the winter period and beyond? Oh yes, while remembering that budgets are tight!

Here are some ideas where we can show our appreciation for the job done by employees during these unprecedented times and that don’t cost the earth. We can leave bonuses and profit shares for another time.

  • A simple ‘thank you’ or ‘well done’ comment is so easy and does not have a price tag to buy, but is priceless to receive. It also means more if it comes from a senior manager or the owner of the company. Think of times when this has been said to you and how it made you feel.
  • Recognition expressed in a company newsletter or, if policies allow, on social media. Internal and externally visible praise can increase the employee’s engagement to the job and improve performance.
  • A letter recognising an employee’s birthday or the anniversary of joining the company is more tangible, especially if it includes a brief written note from the CEO. One of my first employers did this many years ago, and I still remember it today!
  • An extra day of annual leave to celebrate an employee’s birthday. It is a special day that comes around once a year, and how better to look at work-life balance?
  • Ensure that the owner or CEO takes the time to speak on a less formal basis to everyone and especially those who are on their induction. Time out of the busy schedule to talk to those in the office, on the shop floor or on reception will certainly help employee’s commitment and motivation.

In short, try to foster a positive culture of recognition for work done well, but ensure it is consistent and relates to everyone. Those with the so-called lower-level jobs are just as important to the more senior members of staff. As I always say to my two boys: ‘treat others as you would like to be treated yourself’.

Please contact Coppice HR on paul@coppicehr.com or 07814 008478 to discuss further. We have plenty more ideas from biscuits to shadowing to virtual Xmas parties. Thank you!

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