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Working on your Daily Commute to Work?

Fortunately, I do not usually have a long commute on a train to and from work.

However, when I am on the train, the number of people on laptops and iPads is usually more than one or two! Is this work? Is it productive? Does it fill ‘dead time’? Should they get paid overtime? Is it accrued hours? Have employees ‘opted out’ of the Working Time Directive (2003) maximum? Where is the divide between home and office work? Flexible working? More questions, than spare seats on the train.

A spare pocket of time on your commute, then why not use some of it productively? If you have opted out of the 48-hour working week set by the Working Time Directive (2003) and realise that if these few hours per week is a way of getting the job done; then why not?

Perhaps completing some tasks prior to getting to the office might relieve your workload stress, being ‘ready for the day’ and in ‘work mode’ when you open the office door! Similarly, getting work done prior to getting home, could be viewed as ‘doing your homework early’ and getting it out of the way. Walking into the front door ready for ‘me’ or ‘family time’ sounds good doesn’t it!

However, still remember to ‘switch off’ when you can. There is certainly no harm in reading the next few chapters of your current book, listening to your favourite music or playing the latest game on your laptop when you are on the train. Think of that work-life balance…….

How does this blurring of work time fit into your company’s flexible working ethos? Does your policy address this potential issue? What would your answer be if asked?

So many questions and certainly enough time to ponder them on a long commute home. Or instead, do that work on the sales presentation for tomorrow, the report for your MD due last week or read the final pages of your latest book.

Contact Coppice HR and we will help you begin to address this question before this train arrives!

This article and the research connected to it opens up an interesting HR question.

  • Does it give a use to potential ‘dead time?
  • Does reading emails before you get to work reduce the anxiety levels when you get there?
  • Is it just part of the fast moving work culture?

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