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A New Year’s Resolution For HR

It’s January and time for New Year’s Resolutions. Your HR can also have a target, but let’s make it achievable!

It goes without saying that people set themselves resolutions at the start of January that often involve food, are too ambitious and are broken within the first few days of the New Year. In HR, perhaps smaller and less grand actions could make a significant difference, take little of your time and do not wipe out your budget.

A small, but significant action would be to review your Staff Handbook and HR Policies to ensure that your organisation is up to date legally and embraces best practice. It’s certainly easier to answer employee questions when everyone is on the same page. Updating your Staff Handbook is a tedious and time-consuming project – there’s no ‘sugar-coating’ that aspect. Coppice HR can assist you in achieving this New Year resolution.

An HR Health Check would be the time to review your current documentation, ‘delete’ outdated policies that are never used and ensure they match the organisation’s strategy.  It could be that, after completing the Health Check, a schedule for reviewing policies over the whole year can be set. This makes it less tedious and means that (as the saying goes) you ‘don’t eat an elephant in one sitting’. Coppice HR can work with you to set up such a timetable and send you reviewed polices throughout the year.

Doesn’t this sound like a plan? It means that you don’t ‘eat an elephant’ and Coppice HR does the tedious ‘non-sugar coated’ work. Who said that New Year Resolutions are often about eating healthy?

Please contact us on paul@coppicehr.com or 07814 008478 to discuss before we eat too much!

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