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5 Reasons Why It’s Important Your Employees Have Fun At Work

Having a good company culture increases revenue by 4X. Would your employees answer ‘yes’ if they were asked if they had a good company culture? 

Work generally is hard and there are a lot of stresses workers have to deal with on a weekly or daily basis. While it might be difficult to remove these stress triggers, you can offset these feelings by creating a fun working environment for your employees. 

Having a fun working environment improves employee relationships and overall emotions, which as a result can have a positive impact on the quality of work your employees will be producing and your employee retention. 

Taking care of your current employees is much easier than having to constantly hire and guide new employees to get to their standard. Research suggests 1 in 3 professionals cite boredom as their main reason to leave their jobs. After all, an unhappy workforce will only negatively impact your business. 

If you think having fun at work will take away from the standard of work produced, you couldn’t be more wrong. For the majority of workers, a fun environment is important for their productivity and well-being.  

5 reasons why it’s important your employees have fun at work…

  • Stimulates Employee Creativity Fun activities have the ability to inject creative fluids into the air, this can be highly beneficial if your business relies on creativity in your workers. Being consumed by large files and pieces of work reduces the ability for creative ideas to freely appear.
  • Reduced The Number Of Absences Participating in fun activities is a mood booster and known stress reliever. This works hand in hand with reducing the number of team absences due to stress. UK businesses lose 6.9 days a year per employee because of absenteeism, at an estimated cost of £554 per employee.
  • Increases Productivity The happier your employees are the more motivated and productive they are completing their dedicated work. Therefore it’s worthwhile sparing 30 minutes a week to do something fun and have your workforce working more productively. 
  • Improves Colleague Relationships Fun activities are often performed in group scenarios and therefore these activities help nurture the relationships between colleagues. It’s likely some of these fun activities will involve teamwork and cooperation. For fun team building activity inspiration, read this: 10 Virtual Team Building Activities To Boost Employee Morale.
  • Increases Employee Retention The happier your employees are working for your business, the more likely they are to be content within their role and would not consider moving companies. 44% of employees look to switch jobs if their current employer doesn’t provide effective employee recognition for their work and office engagement.

If you’re facing HR challenges in the workplace, you might want to consider outsourcing your HR to offload the pressure. To discuss outsourced HR, please contact Paul from Coppice HR by emailing paul@coppicehr.com or calling 07814 008478.