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The Common Misconceptions of Human Resources

HR is not always the ‘grim reaper’ of the office, you and your staff should be aware of these common HR misconceptions. 

HR departments generally don’t have the most positive reputation within an office environment, simply due to the kind of personnel they deal with on a daily basis. But this perception could not be further from the truth, while some HR tasks aren’t all sunflowers and rainbows, there are aspects like employee engagement and rewards that make your team so successful.

To break down this negative stigma, you should be doing your bit in the workplace – working towards putting an end to these common HR misconceptions. By doing so your staff will have a better understanding of the important role HR plays aside from pay reductions, disciplinaries and redundancies.  

Debunking some of the most common HR myths / misconceptions: 

HR is just a personnel department.

MYTH – The company’s HR function plays an important role in the strategic direction it is taking. The saying that ‘our greatest asset is our people’ is maintained by ensuring engagement and retention. Who better to take on this responsibility than HR!

Oh No! HR is in the room, so someone is in trouble.

MYTH – There is a feeling that when HR is involved it is going to be negative and include difficult conversations. SMEs often use HR’s skills in developing the business, fostering a positive culture and developing performance.

HR is all about enforcing policies and procedures.

MYTH – Although an element of HR does involve policies, procedures, disciplinaries and grievances, the role is also crucial in recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement and often a sounding board for everyone. 

HR just works as a separate entity

MYTH – Many HR tasks do require confidentiality – which is actually beneficial to all – but practitioners can add to the company strategy and other departments. If ‘employees are our greatest asset’, perhaps HR can add to discussions and business plans. Organisational growth, succession planning and increasing employee productivity all require HR input.

HR Managers is just concerned with hiring and firing people

MYTH – This is perhaps the one that is most incorrect! Yes, HR does get involved in both of these actions and is a part of the remit. However, it is also involved in tasks affecting employees between the start and end of their time with the organisation. Just look at all of the myths that have been dispelled above!

If you’re a business looking to save time doing your own HR you might want to consider outsourced HR. To discuss your options, contact Paul on paul@coppicehr.com or 07814 008478.


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